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Trip toward Vendôme area : the valley of the Loir, Montigny,
Cloyes, Fréteval, the forest of the Gaudinière.

 Departure from Saint-Jean-Froidmentel

Discovery of the forest (15 kilometers of forest avenues) with her fauna, her flora, and the historic past of the Gaudinière castle, told with talent.
There, a glass of Champagne will be offered.

Break at the Le manoir de la forêt, then return to Saint-Jean Froidmentel in the afternoon. 

If you are interested in the harnessing of the mail coach, come about two hours before the departure. Then you could attend all the stages, from begining to end.


You will visit the chapelle Sainte-Radegonde...


... and the chapelle of La Rochefoucault-Doudeauville too, close to La Ville aux Clercs...
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